Discover CleverDisplay’s showcases. Take a look at our broad portfolio. We have great clients throughout the Benelux and beyond. Our clients range from large to small companies within the Benelux. There is a suitable digital signage solution for every business. Want to find out what we can do for your company or organisation? 

In addition to these showcases, we would be pleased to present our entire portfolio to you in an informal meeting. 

Axakta Tiel Showcase


 Axalta At the new location of Axalta in Tiel, we have installed new displays including for meeting technologies and digital signage purposes. For example, room reservation systems have also been installed in the meeting rooms.

WTC amsterdam airport

WTC Amsterdam Airport

In een grote hal een prachtige informatiedesk versterken door middel van digital signage. Hierdoor kun je overal binnen het schermen vinden die bezoekers precies vertellen in welke richting zij moeten lopen voor afspraken. 


 Axalta At the new location of Axalta in Tiel, we have installed new displays including for meeting technologies and digital signage purposes. For example, room reservation systems have also been installed in the meeting rooms.

The aim of this project was to provide all rooms with the easy control of meeting technologies. We completed this project in collaboration with Van Brienen

around town

Around town

Postsignage in combination with digital signage? That is exactly the combination we made for the beautiful location of Around Town.


Air France-KLM

Air France-KLM we take care of all internal and external communication for visitors and employees from A to Z. For example, the screens ensure that visitors can check in quickly.

WTC Amsterdam schiphol airport

Digital signage within a large hall

Enhancing a wonderful information desk in a large hall by means of digital signage. Everywhere in the WTC Amsterdam Schiphol Airport are screens that tell visitors exactly where they are expected to be.  

ASVZ wachtruimte

 At the entrance to the hall, we installed screen communication that shows a clear breakdown of signage and a template display. Ideal as a communication tool!

showcase digital signage


Reclame schermen in etalages. Voor horecazaken de uitkomt om de juiste doelgroep te activeren om naar de winkel te leiden. Dat is wat we hebben gedaan voor de winkels van Backwerk Utrecht!

ikazia ziekenhuis bewegwijzering

Ikazia Ziekenhuis Rotterdam

Visitors to the Ikazia ziekenhuis in Rotterdam know exactly in which waiting area they need to be by means of narrowcasting thanks to subtle and clear signage.

Hermitage Amsterdam

How do you ensure streamlined communication within a large museum? How do you encourage visitors to take the right actions? That is the question that Hermitage Amsterdam put to us. We anticipated this by placing digital signage at the right customer moments.

This way, on entering the building, guests immediately know which way to go for the cloakroom, ticket sales and the display of certain exhibitions. In addition, we use digital signage to cleverly influence guests in shops and other central locations.


Follow an organ via a screen? This has been made possible by clever technology from CleverDisplay. By means of a live camera, visitors to the Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam can follow exactly who is playing in the organ upstairs. 

showcases Tergooi Ziekenhuis

Ter Gooi Hospital

Through communication via screens, visitors to the Ter Gooi Hospital They can immediately see in which direction they should walk if they have an appointment in the hospital. In addition, templates including the weather are displayed to inform visitors. 



We have installed screens in the Intralox office.

Video content is played with product information in the Intralox waiting area. 

Work with CleverDisplay

  • Support at all times
  • Monthly software updates by our development team
  • High-quality and durable screens plus certifications and labels
  • Planned on/off function of the screens in buildings, this way nobody has to turn the screens on or off
  • User-friendly control, also called the director, that everyone can operate centrally via a secure cloud
  • Many application possibilities and integration with old systems
  • Choice of both separate players and new technologies such as SOC (system on chip)
  • Experience in small and large projects, allowing us to deliver tailor-made solutions.
  • Free 15-days demo 
  • In addition to Dutch, various other languages are also available! International delivery or certification is also possible. We deliver throughout the EU. 
narrowcasting op kantoren
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