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Audiovisual techniques

Do you have several meeting rooms? Are you looking for a meeting system that allows you to meet and present effortlessly using state-of-the-art technology? Or are you looking for other audiovisual solutions? Indispensable in this day and age! We provide several solutions to make this possible.

Among other things, meet our:

  • (Touch) screens;
  • projectors
  • Space delivery systems;
  • Wireless Presentation;
  • Flawless sound systems.
Easy to implement audiovisual hardware at a reasonable cost.
audiovisueel technieken

Video wall at our client Just Entertainment

Why choose our audiovisual techniques?

All in one Audiovisual solutions

Audiovisuele technieken

Touch screens

Interactivity during a presentation? You can! Easily take notes, open apps and show videos. On interactive displays, you'll make presentations more alive than ever.

Touchscreens are available in a variety of sizes. Discover the benefits:

  • Attractive way of presentation
  • Clear overview
  • User friendly
  • Sustainable and cost-saving
  • No cables
  • Remote meeting facilities
  • Easy file sharing via email or cloud

Wireless Presentation;

Our wireless presentation tools guarantee seamless wireless meetings with just one click. With our agnostic wireless meeting systems, you start a hybrid meeting from your laptop. From a good distance, you control the displays through a Clickshare system that works through Plug & Play. 

audiovisuele technieken ruimte reseveringsystseem

Space reservation systems

Efficient use of a space by integrating a space reservation system.

Smoothly manage the coordination of all available workspace. Visitors receive a personalized welcome upon entry through personalized content, and spaces can be easily controlled through data and display controls. 

Reserve spaces, workstations and supplies through one platform!

Sound systems.

Music is motivating! It contributes to a pleasant and positive work atmosphere. Combine a digital signage system with a sound system from CleverDisplay. Discover the possibilities of built-in or surface-mounted speakers. 

Discover the benefits of a sound system in a workspace:

  • Pleasant working atmosphere 
  • Easy communication
  • Alarm link integration
  • Linking with narrowcasting systems
  • Everything centrally managed
audiovisuele technieken geluidsinstallaties

CleverDisplay Medical

The digital exercise board for in (rehabilitation) care

Digitale beweegbord in de zorg

Clever Display Medical is the specialist in (pre) digital information for healthcare facilities.

We turn complex data and information into icons so that everyone in a department can communicate easily and efficiently. 

We realize these pictograms and forms of communication through a digital exercise board. This is used in hospitals and rehabilitation centers to see the exercise status of patients. 

Control by simple pictograms

At the patient's bedside, simple pictograms indicate to patient, caregivers, doctors and physical therapists as well as to visitors, how the patient can move and what help is needed to do so.

The system ensures safe mobilization and gives the patient great confidence. In addition, the caregiver can see what actions still need to be performed within a single glance, saving a lot of time.

Iedere discipline zichtbaar op het bord

The system ensures safe mobilization and gives the patient great confidence. In addition, the caregiver can see what actions still need to be performed within a single glance, saving a lot of time. 

Geriatric rehabilitation care (GRZ) exercise board

Geriatric rehabilitation care (GRZ) has its own board. The difference? The Digital Rehabilitation board encourages the patient to move more and gives caregivers immediate clarity about the patient's transition


  • Display of current status patient
  • Current rehabilitation level
  • Information about therapy
  • Data storages
  • Pictograms showing washing, dressing, self-care, laundry, etc.
  • ADL, movement exercises, swallowing problems, toilet use, balance, fall risk, etc. everything can be found on the board.

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CleverDisplay is the digital signage specialist and manufacturer within the Netherlands and Europe since 2003.